Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #18

Ireland 1996:  Waterford Crystal Factory
This clip contains some promising images.  Handheld but stable, good color saturation, focused well without excessive zoom & pan.  The beginnings of a nice video montage.
Sound is blown out with the loudness of the factory, so we cant distinguish what the guide is saying.  I also notice that no one is wearing ear protection; eye protection is limited to prescription spectacles; burn protection seems to be non-existent.  Perhaps this could be re-edited as the "bad examples" in a safety video?

I hope there are some extra frames in the source footage to provide editing handles at the beginning and end of each short scene.

Lessons Learned:
Good early effort at a montage.

Use the edit to tell a complete story.
Use the digital editing software to greatly reduce the factory noise.

Music Copyright Considerations:
No music was used in this clip.

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