Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #13

Africa 1995:  Mount Kenya Safari Club

Here's an interesting video from our trip to Kenya in 1995.  It starts with some great footage of a native drumming troupe on the club grounds, then a nature hike, and visit to the animal orphanage.

Edited in-camera, this six minutes is reasonably paced and already quite entertaining.  It would benefit from some titling to orient the viewer, and a digital re-edit would likely make use of at least 50% of this footage!  

Hooray!  I't took six years, but I was finally creating something entertaining.

Lessons Learned:
Always have the camera ready.
Sometimes the scenes flow naturally and don't take a lot of editing.
Use titles to orientate the viewer.

Although this was an in-camera edit, there's an obvious danger that you might miss a great shot when the camera is not running.  Videotape is cheap, but memories are priceless.

Music Copyright Considerations:
No copyrighted music was used in this video.  Illustrates the value of good natural sound.

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