Saturday, September 8, 2012

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #16

Africa 1995:  Charging Elephants

This is 3-1/2 minutes of video that's worth watching; I was lucky to have the camcorder running as the family of elephants threatened our vehicle!  The bull elephant even displays his manhood after chasing us away!  Great sound and good video.

Clips like these can become the centerpiece of a watchable video.  Imagine building suspense with music reaching a crescendo as the roar of the elephants scares us out of our seats!

Although the camera is a little jumpy, the audience doesn't notice.  This is a case where handheld is the appropriate choice!
Lessons Learned:
Not every instance of camera instability needs to be edited out of the final production.  Occasionally handheld and jumpy is better than smooth and steady.

Have your camera ready.  The highlight of your trip could happen at any moment!

Music Copyright Considerations:
No music was used in this clip.

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