Thursday, July 2, 2015

Other World Computing (OWC) - Video Commercial Contest

from the HENBC Shameless Self Promotion department:

If you've ever thought about upgrading your Apple computer then you're probably aware of OWC's website:  Other World Computing offers an incredible array of well-engineered upgrades for the whole catalog of Macs.  I discovered them in 2005; a great source for memory, drives, upgrades, and accessories.  

Why am I talking about this now?  OWC is not a sponsor, we are not related in any way, but:


I've entered OWC's "Viral Video Commercial" competition. 
They challenged creative geniuses like me to show how "everything is possible" with OWC upgrades.  "Go further" with "the speed to create.  The capacity to dream."  

I've never participated in a challenge like this; never worked against anything but a self-imposed deadline.  I completed this fun project last month and submitted before the due date. I think you'll recognize my style.  

Looks like there are seventy-one other entries, some are really good.  But this amateur work by an old-guy hobbyist stacks up pretty well against work by media professionals, creative teams, and film school students.

Seriously, OWC is offering some really nice prizes.  Your vote will validate me and inspire even greater heights of creative excellence!  Vote once per day, between July 7 and July 31, 2015.

Thanks.  I mean it!

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