Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #153: iMovie for iPad

Create a Vacation Movie on your iPad

We took an iPad with us during a visit to Montreal and Quebec City in 2012.  The movie you see above was created using only the iMovie app, including its built-in sound effects, titles, and transitions.  I had no convenient way to transfer video into the iPad, so this is essentially an animated slideshow that tells a "story".

The video makes good use of close-up photos of sculptures and unusual street signs.  How about the police mannequin in an old squad car?  And the rare sighting of an endangered species -- a phone booth!  All I needed was some fool to play the leading man.

The iMovie app has a relatively small feature set, and precision editing is difficult on its small screen.  Nevertheless, this little video came out pretty well. 

Lessons Learned:
It's possible to create an entertaining vacation video using even the simplest of editing programs.  This short story was created using only: photos; transitions; titles; music; and sound effects.

I am spoiled by my two-monitor video editing workstation at home and felt cramped when I tried to edit on the iPad.  (Imagine trying to edit a movie on a smart phone! No way.)  Oh well, the iMove app cost only $10.  I used it twice, so that's $5 per try!

Obviously I'm not very enthusiastic about creating my vacation videos on a tablet.  But that's my preference ... it might work for you.  Have you created a great vacation video on an iPad?  Post a link in the comments section and I'll discuss it in a future HENBC blog post.


  1. George,
    Well done! Had no idea that one could create this sort of movie on an iPad.

    Gee, maybe I will have to trade up....Can't find a camera on my iPad 1?????????


    1. Thanks, Wayne.
      Regrettably your iPad1 cannot run IOS version 8, which is required by the iMovie app. And it doesn't have a camera. But that iPad1 is still a very useful tool, runs lots of other apps.


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