Saturday, July 11, 2015

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #155 - Video & Photo Montage Part 2

Let's Practice Editing by making TWO Montages

In blog entry #154 you read that I have created two little movies from our trip on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.  (These are two very similar videos but with one notable difference:  One uses royalty-free copyright-licensed music, the other uses “borrowed” music.)  You might remember this first version:

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway” 3min 31sec with a surprisingly-entertaining copyright-legal soundtrack (shown here):

The second version is called:
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway - Relaxing with the Classics”  3min 25sec featuring spirit-enriching music by composers Edvard Grieg & Johann Pachelbel.

Let's talk about the first version.  I'm almost always happy with royalty-free tracks from the SmartSound library and this is no exception.  Refer back to my 19-step process from the provious post, and you'll notice that clips and photos are spritely timed to the music.  I really like the nature "interlude" during the pizzicato.  Then surprise ... there's a flashback!
Simple titles introduce the four cast members (including myself), and I did a little graphics/compositing work at the end.  The piece is lively, fun and quick.  I can watch it and see a few flaws, but at a certain point you've gotta say, "Enough.  It's Done!"

The second version has a peaceful introduction.  Were you fooled into believing that were going to be "Relaxing With the Classics"?  HAH!  it quickly leads to the ill-tuned Portsmouth Sinfonia and New Zealand Friendly Orchestra, whose comedic take on serious music has delighted audiences for many years.  The terribly recognizable Hall of the Mountain King joins us for our trip up the mountainside.  Then it makes an unwelcome reprise on the downhill trip!
Canon in D is ridiculously formal as we stumble around the hiking path, but Morning Mood perfectly accompanies my unnatural nature interlude.  (Note: This is not the first time that I've been tempted to "borrow" this commercial recording.  I notice that the composition is included on SmartSound's Classical Favorites album.  I'll license that album next time they have a sale.)

The edit points of both versions are essentially the same.   However it's pretty obvious that the clip lengths were adjusted to match the differences in music pacing.

Deep Thoughts:

  • This was a fun weekend project.  Great way to practice all those great editing keystrokes and techniques.
  • I laughed out loud many times while selecting the music, and was often surprised how a drumbeat or tempo change accidentally resulted in a great cut or transition.
  • I thought that my intended humor in the second version should be obvious from the outset.  But I have to be honest -- many friends missed the point and greatly prefer the other version.  They don't like the un-tuned orchestra.
  • We're not trying to be National Geographic here.  Just want to have a little something to share with friends, thank them for joining us on this trip, or make them want to join us on the next one!  A video/photo montage is a quick way to accomplish that goal.
  • As always, I do not encourage intentional misuse of copyrighted material.  I believe that these videos serve an educational purpose, and therefore fall under the guidelines for "Fair Use".

There's a comments section below.  I'd love to hear your thoughts about this exercise.  Which version did you prefer?  Do you ever create two versions of the same project?

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