Friday, December 27, 2013

Deep Thoughts About Editing Vacation Video: Lower Thirds Titles

During these discussions of vacation video editing techniques, I've frequently mentioned pacing, mixing of shots, background music, and narration.  Titles seem so mundane and obvious that perhaps I've neglected them.  So here are some thoughts about titles you've seen in the chapters from my Asia Cruise DVD.

Many scenes have explanatory titles that are placed at the bottom of the screen.  These are called "Lower Thirds", and are a great way to orient/educate your audience without interrupting the natural pacing and flow.  For instance, anyone who watched the video chapter from Seoul, Korea heard me try to narrate the name of this marketplace.  "Namdaemun" is quite a tongue-twister, but with this title the word becomes quite understandable.
Example of Lower Thirds Title

Titles are infinitely customizable; you can change styles, colors, and fonts at will!  But I recommend maintaining consistency within each project.  For instance, viewers of the Asia Cruise DVD quickly become used to seeing lower-thirds like the one above.

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