Monday, December 23, 2013

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #99

Asia Cruise 2008:  Beijing & Flying Home

This is the last chapter of the Asia Cruise DVD.  After a month overseas, we were certainly ready to fly home!  We transferred directly from the ship to the airport, so the video contains no real content from Beijing.  (Lucky for you, Beijing is featured in the upcoming series of blog postings -- "China 2001" which was edited in 2010.)

The video is short; a simple farewell narration with a just few still photos and titles.  The airplane moving across the map was done with Apple's Keynote presentation software (today I would accomplish the same thing in Final Cut Pro X).  Andy Warhol's iconic portrait of Mao was found on the Internet.  Auld Lang Syne played by a traditional Vietnamese band is not something you want to hear everyday, but it was a reasonable choice to end the DVD.

Note: I trimmed closing titles and credits from the end of this video for the purpose of Internet privacy.  In the unseen credits I named and acknowledged all of the music artists, and thanked those who appeared in the video chapters.  I also placed my own copyright claim at the very end.

Lessons Learned:
Remember to protect your own copyright with a simple statement, like:

The conclusion is often anticlimactic.  Keep it short.

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