Friday, December 6, 2013

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #95

Asia Cruise 2008:  Kagoshima & Chiran

Kagoshima is the southernmost major port in Japan.  Chiran, a village in the nearby hills, is home to an airstrip that was the launch point for many kamikaze pilots' final journeys.

The cruise ship was welcomed by a Taiko Drum corps, which provided some excellent video footage as well as a great three-minute soundtrack.  Our visit to Chiran is illustrated with still photos since the camcorder batteries were drained.  Once again the narration provides some concise thoughts about the region's history.

Lessons Learned:
Make sure your batteries are charged.
But just-in-case the video opportunity fails, remember that still photos can save the day! 

We've written about this before -- don't just think about the video that's being recorded.  Live sound lends credibility to your production.

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