Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Monsters of the Amazon" wins awards!

Monsters of the Amazon has been awarded two prizes by AMPS!!!!

I was pleased to learn that my pseudo-travel-horror production "Monsters of the Amazon" was awarded two prizes in contests hosted by the American Motion Picture Society (AMPS):

  • "Best SciFi" in the American International Film & Video Festival
  • [One of] "Ten Best 2012" in the North American Movie Makers awards

The judges comments are interesting, drawing attention to my "amateurish camerawork" among other things.  But that's the point of this blog, isn't it?  Making something entertaining out of the mind-numbing, horrible, amateur video that you shot on your vacation.  (I'm sure the judges were also impressed by discontinuities like when my companions are killed by monsters in one scene yet appear in the next!)


I feel validated by these awards.  Those hours of footage from 1999 were completely un-watchable, yet I didn't want to throw the memories away.  This off-the-wall storyline became a crazy, psychotic, but fun vacation video.  You could do the same thing! 

This blog is slowly pacing its readers through my videomaking history; most recently we have been examining edits from 2004.  There's lots more to come, but maybe you've already found some usable ideas for your own movies?

...meanwhile... if you'd like to jump forward by eight years, check out Monsters of the Amazon below:

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