Sunday, April 28, 2013

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #72

France 2004: Closing Credits
Every serious production deserves opening titles and closing credits.  This short video has it all:  Photos to identify the "talent"; acknowledgements of copyrighted music that was, ahem, "borrowed"; identification of the cameramen/producer/editor, copyright notice, and even a dedication.

I like that this is well-paced.  I especially like the captioned still photos that were used in the credits.

Lessons Learned:
Don't forget to take credit for your work!  Be proud; take responsibility; grab all the praise you can get!
I posted this video to YouTube three months ago, but didn't look at it until today.  Surprised to discover that the sound is totally out of sync!  So I've had to delete and re-upload.   Make sure that you always check your on-line postings before providing the link to your "fans".

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