Monday, May 6, 2013

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #73

Rehabilitated Cottontail Rabbit Released Into the Wild, 2006

My wife is co-leader of the "Rabbit Team" at Project Wildlife.  The organization's mission is rehabilitation, education and conservation; our home is often host to baby and junior bunnies.  Some are so young that they require hand-nursing!  Success means that the animal can be re-introduced into the environment, near the area in which it was found.

This video documented one of Gloria's earliest success stories.  I edited in a way that could be used for education and training, as well as a public service announcement.  Music is a warm royalty-free selection from SmartSound.

The cuts are simple.  The ending is almost a tear-jerker, as the bunny leaps away into its new home.  I love this video's simple elegance.

Lessons Learned:
Non-profit groups may be happy to give you a chance to help publicize their mission.
Match the style of the video to the message of the organization.

Other Notes:
This was one of the first videos that I edited with Final Cut Pro on an Apple computer!  After years of struggling with crashes and underperforming software on Windows I had finally taken the plunge and found tools that really worked.  I used that G5 Power Mac until 2010.

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