Monday, August 20, 2012

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video - Purpose of this blog.

A blog needs a unique reason to exist.
  • Maybe the owner is the world's greatest author.  
  • Maybe the owner is a celebrity.  
  • Maybe the owner is the village idiot!
Regardless, it's a place to share thoughts and images; more controllable than Facebook yet searchable on Google.

I have several reasons for creating heNBC:

First:  It will become a consistent identity for my online videos.
I can post links on heNBC that will be easy to find, instead of asking friends to search for my "Channel" on YouTube.

Second:  I actually do have an area of expertise that I'd like to share.
For more than twenty years I have been shooting vacation video.  The raw material is completely unwatchable.  My hobby has been transforming this stuff into something that my audience might find entertaining (or at least tolerable).
I'm going to start with examples and commentaries for my oldest edits from the 1980's (which were done with two tape decks and two pause buttons).  Each successive blog entry will step forward in time until I can talk about the most recent examples.

Third:  Nobody else is doing this for amateur video hobbyists.
I've searched ... there are plenty of people who give advice to professionals, and companies that want to sell cameras and editing technology.  But folks like me are not working with a Hollywood budget and film crew!

Four:  I hope to receive comments and ideas from other people.
Frankly, I've run out of fresh ideas.  For instance, will there be an "Amazon Monsters" equivalent when I edit the eleven miserable hours of video from Scandinavia?

Five:  There will be ads on the blog.
I've already earned fifteen cents from videos on YouTube.  I think I can double that!

Six:  Yes.  I am the village idiot! 
I'm no genius; I'm not a very good cameraman; I only use a small fraction of my software's power.  I don't claim to be anything more than a hobbyist!
But friends who used to fall asleep now enjoy watching my travel videos!


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