Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Oh no, this vacation video is hopelessly boring!" - Tips for Amateur Video Editors #148

The Amazon 1999 (video edited in 2012) -- (Part 1 of discussion)
The Amazon River: Beautiful but not necessarily exciting.

The last five blog posts have discussed vacation video edits from travel in Peru during 1999.  What I didn't mention is that those trips to Inca ruins and Nazca were "extras" ... excursions added to our primary destination which was a cruise on the upper Amazon river.  

I came home with five hours of miniDV tape from this voyage through Peru and Columbia, plus my friend added another four hours on Hi8 analog tape.  As you'll see in the edited movie, some of the camerawork was [accidentally] beautifully done.  Most of it was typical boring vacation stuff:  scenery; sunsets; the wake of the boat; etc.  There were a couple of interesting villages, the river was so high we floated through the treetops, and local folks would paddle up to our boat.  But frankly, if you weren't a bird enthusiast, there wasn't much to do during our week on-board A&K's Explorer

After watching and cataloguing all nine hours I realized that it would be hard to create an interesting vacation video from my raw footage.  Although our traveling companions kept asking for the movie, I wasn't inspired.  It took me thirteen years to dream up an editing concept that might produce something entertaining.

We'll discuss that in my next post...  Meanwhile thanks for reading!

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