Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #146 - Cuzco, Peru

Peru 1999: #4 of 5   Cuzco (edited in 2012):

This is a fun video montage.  It's built around a live performance of The William Tell Overture performed by an Andean flute band in a local restaurant.  Compared to the Peru #3 of 5 video this one is practically manic, with fast paced music and inspired cuts between clips.
We start with a look at the backside of a bus that's labeled "cuatro ases" -- which looks vulgar and sets the stage.  Subtitled "Culture in Ruins" you see plenty of Inca structures, llamas, and mummies.  Folks dressed traditionally quickly cut to closeups of the pan flute player and drummer.  Llamas, a narrow gage railroad, and toxic waste al contribute to an enjoyable 2-1/2 minutes.

Lessons Learned:
The importance of pacing.  Quick cuts to lively music sends a message that you're having fun!

Look for opportunities to capture live music.  The highlight of this video is that terrific flute band performance.  Note that I spent some time in Apple's SoundTrack Pro to reduce background noise and enhance the sound balance.


  1. Nice one...perhaps the liveliest one yet.

    Great pacing.......and I kept hoping to see the masked man on a white horse.

    Thanks- Chicago

  2. Thanks KimoSabe!

    Hi yo Silver! Awa-a-a-a-y!


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