Thursday, July 18, 2013

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #80

Cambodia 2008: Banteay Srei 

Cambodia 2008:  Angkor Wat

This ruined temple is vastly different when compared to Angkor Wat.  I like the close-up of a Vishnu incarnation who decorates one of the surviving doorways.  Especially touching is the ragtag orchestra of musicians who are land mine victims.  I used their music for the background of several of these Cambodia videos.

This chapter is just sixty seconds long, yet it tells a complete story.  This type of pacing should serve to maintain viewers' interest.

I should also note that the camerawork is quite steady!  My walking stick has a threaded post on top, which turns it into a monopod.  That one small technology resulted in a much higher percentage of potentially usable footage.

Lessons Learned:
I'm increasingly fond of rapidly-paced short vignettes to keep my travel stories entertaining.
A clean recording of local sound (music) allowed me to avoid using copyrighted material.

Consider investing in a walking stick that doubles as a monopod.

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