Sunday, July 14, 2013

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #79

Cambodia 2008:  Angkor Wat

This post will look at two different edits of my footage from Angkor Wat.

The first edit lasts only 45-seconds; I edited this using my MacBook on cruise which followed this land tour.  Uploaded in 2008, it wasn't prepared properly for display on YouTube.
(It is possible that this video will not play on iPhone and iPad due to the incompatibilities of Adobe's Flash player.)

The guide's narration is briefly included.  At the end all the viewer has learned is that the videomaker went to Angkor Wat.

The second version is thirty seconds longer.  It adds narration and historical perspective; the viewer learns a litle about Cambodia with still photos augmenting the video.  As we exit the temple the narrator prepares viewers for an upcoming chapter of the trip's DVD.

I obviously prefer the second edit.  It's more fun to watch and follows the pace of other video chapters in this series.

Lessons Learned:
Consistency of titles and narration style keep the viewers comfortable.
Pacing keeps the viewers from leaving!

Good example here of using live sound as background music.

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