Thursday, October 25, 2012

Digital Non-Linear editing -- Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video

Pinnacle Studio DV

Pinnacle Video Director Studio 200 enthusiasts were very active in discussion forums.  The technology was exciting, but necessarily limited by our consumer-grade equipment.  My PC was unable to control camcorder playback functions with Panasonic's 5-pin interface.  Others had more success if their camcorder used Sony's LANC control.

After spending hours with Pinnacle's tech support people, they invited me to beta-test a new product.  Pinnacle Studio DV was released in 1999, shipping with a Firewire PC-interface card and new software.  Fully-digital non-linear editing was now within reach of non-professionals!  But users were still limited by Windows system crashes, expensive hard drives, and the FAT-32 file system.

I now entered a never-ending cycle of upgrading hardware > upgrading software > upgrading hardware > etc.  It was impossible to reliably produce a long-form production.  
However I did manage to create three short videos from our second trip to India in 2000, plus another little family fun video.  Those will be the next four discussions on heNBC's History of Vacation Video.

Note:  Pinnacle StudioDV eventually became a runaway success.  Although its parent company has changed several times, the product continues to evolve and is a nice editing solution for hobbyists.  The 2012 iteration for Windows users is called Pinnacle Studio 16.  There is also a popular Pinnacle Studio app for iPad. 

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