Friday, February 7, 2014

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #102

China 2001:  Why are there Glaciers in Shanghai?

We start with a reminder of the Air Rage incident, then join the tour in Shanghai.  But wait a minute ... why do we see frozen rivers and glaciers from the bus window?  Hah, Hah! It's a "little" gag to start my trip DVD.  There are also a few laughs inside the Anchorage airport.

I think that this quick-paced chapter sets the stage for a mostly-lightheated look at our trip to China.  Even a clueless viewer should now understand that this is not a serious travel documentary.

The vacation took place in 2001, however I did not edit the raw footage until 2009.  What took so long?  Well, I had finally become comfortable with editing using Apple's software, Final Cut Pro 5.  But mostly I knew that it would be a challenge to create something watchable from my twelve hours of raw video.  (Solving this problem is the reason for the existence of, isn't it?)

My final product is a set of vignettes that make up 33 chapters in a vacation memory DVD.  Most of the chapters can stand apart as complete short movies, but they are connected by the timeline of cities and sites that we visited in China.

Lessons Learned:
Dividing your vacation movie into smaller, more manageable, chapters.
Use the first chapter to set the tone for the entire production.

I like to use humor.  Some of it is obvious, some might make you groan (like the gag about glaciers in Shanghai).  Sometimes I include something that's completely unexpected and off-the-wall!

All of the vignettes are already loaded onto YouTube.  You could skip ahead and view them all by searching for "henbctravel AND China". 

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