Friday, November 29, 2013

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #93

Asia Cruise 2008:  Hong Kong Is

My previous post included a long essay about the dangers of using copyrighted music as a "placeholder".  But sometimes a song just screams at you, begging to be included.  Such is the case with Screamin' Jay Hawkins' aptly-named Hong Kong.

This song is hilarious; I knew before I left home that it would become part of the permanent record.  Of course that was before I became a copyright advocate.  This video is placed here for your education.  Music used for non-profit educational purposes or which is obviously transformative (consider this a music video?) may qualify as "fair use".

As a video enthusiast I occasionally enter my creations into club contests; "Fair use" might work for something being shown at a club meeting, but organizers of larger contest are likely to demand an actual artist's release.  I am hardly an expert, but suggest you begin your own research into this topic here on Wikipedia.

The video consists of scenes that were mostly taken on Kowloon Island.  But I also re-used some scenes from the previous chapter (Hong Kong - Kowloon).

Lessons Learned:
Be aware of copyright restrictions when you choose commercial music.  (Note: YouTube put up a violation flag for this video.  I am neither disputing nor acknowledging the alleged violation.)

If I change the music I would need to completely re-envision this video.  At this point in time it will stand, unchanged.  I would not have posted it onto YouTube except to illustrate this blog on

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