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Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #82

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Cambodia 2008:  One-Tooth Lady

The video is actually four short scenes of about twenty-five seconds each.  Quick looks at: street vendor kids; a lady selling homemade candy; some kids fascinated by the video camera; and a narration-free look at their fresh water well.  The sound is recorded live in camera.

This video is actually a montage of short clips that I liked too much to edit out of the DVD.  In retrospect I think that the project could have been one hundred seconds shorter.  Although they are not unpleasant to watch, these scenes add very little.  Also my opening narration seems a bit "preach-y."

Lessons Learned:
Pride of ownership is not necessarily a good thing when it comes to editing your own video.  Once you have taken the time to edit and narrate it is especially hard to delete your work from the project.

Get someone else to critique the pacing and help you to determine what makes the cut.
If you've already spent a lot of time creating a scene that needs to be deleted, add it onto the end of the project as a "spaecial feature" or "director's cut".
I regret having started with copyrighted music.  Once you place a familiar song with a home video they become linked, making it hard to do a re-edit.

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