Thursday, March 21, 2013

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #65

France 2004: Gender Changer

Those strange boxes found all over the city of Paris.  They look like phone booths ... but different ... in a sinister sort of way.  You put a coin in the slot and a doors opens.  You enter, the door shuts behind you.
Afew moments later the door opens and you re-emerge.  Changed forever!

I had some fun editing this one.  Used Premiere 5 to apply a sepia-toned old-time-movie look, with silent-era-styled titles.  Despite numerous technical flaws, everyone who sees it laughs.

It is well-placed as the 16th chapter in the 23-chapter DVD from our trip to France.  The mood of that presentation has definitely shifted to light-hearted.  Several consecutive short  and humorous vignettes are preparing the audience to ignore a longer final segment. 

Lessons Learned:
Once again, I'll repeat:  "Have fun.  Try something crazy.  Don't be predictable."

I remember rushing to finish this one; as a result there are some flaws in the edit.  Most obvious to me are abrupt changes in the size of the screen format.  Yet no member of any audience has ever brought this to my attention.  So I guess that proves the point that entertainment is more important than technical perfection.

Music Copyright Considerations:
This video was my first use of royalty-free music.  I had purchased a set of DVDs on eBay from a company called Elite Video.  They appear to still be in business, here.

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