Friday, February 15, 2013

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #60

France 2004: Bastide de Domme

We were lucky enough to visit the tiny village of Domme on a national holiday, "1945 Victory Day" (Also known as VE Day).  This video begins with lunch at l'Esplanade followed by townspeople marching to the war monument.  With recorded patriotic music by Edith Piaf, speeches, commemoration of war martyrs, and celebration of living heroes these are nice candid scenes of life in a small French community.

With just a few simple edits I believe this was an easy-to-create and very watchable video of a memorable day.

Lessons Learned:
Have the camcorder ready.  I heard some music a block away and could easily have missed the great scene of men, women, and children marching together.

Music Copyright Considerations:
No copyrighted music was added for this video edit.  The patriotic song was incidental to capturing the parade.  Its inclusion as part of this non-commercial work falls within the commonly accepted definition of "fair use".

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