Thursday, December 27, 2012

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #46

France 2001:  Balloon over Dijon (Edited 2002)
My video camera was pick-pocketed during our first visit to France in 2001.  So moving pictures and sounds of Paris are missing for that trip.  However we extended the visit with a barge trip on the Burgundy Canal.  Another passenger allowed me to put my tape in his camera, so that piece of our trip were captured.

In 2002 I began taking multimedia classes at the local community college.  One semester focused on Adobe Premiere.  This video is one of my class projects; it was required to use music, transitions, and graphic overlays.  I also placed a "bug" in the lower right hand corner ... this now-ubiquitous annoyance was pretty advanced at the time.

I like the way the graphic balloon follows a twisted flight path in the beginning of the video.  The composited images and music provide a relaxed atmosphere and add some interest to this slow float over the French countryside.

Lesson Learned
Video pacing matched with appropriate music can set the mood.
Make the best out of a bad situation.  In this case, borrowed equipment and still photos allowed at least one video memory to be saved after theft of my camcorder.

Since this was done in an educational setting, the rules of "Fair Use" are more liberal.  If re-edited, try to find a royalty-free selection.

Music Copyright Considerations:
This is a short excerpt from one of my older edited videos.  It contains some identifiable music that is regrettably used without permission.  But remember the time this video was created; in 2002 the audience for this production was usually sitting in my living room.  "Fair Use" allowed me to use the music without consideration of copyright.
Today, with digital distribution, artists' rights deserve more attention.  Since this video is intended for non-profit illustration and educational purposes only, I believe that valid arguments can be made for its "Fair Use" in this situation.  Please understand that I do not encourage improper use of copyrighted material.

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