Friday, November 16, 2012

Editing Tricks for Amateur Vacation Video #38

Africa 2002:  Meet The Beetles

How do dung beetles feed their families in Africa?  They roll big balls of elephant poop from the roads to their nests.

Here it is, captured on videotape.  A lighthearted view of the beetles doing their job, with some Disney music thrown in.  One continuous unedited take for your enjoyment.

Music is from Snow White ... the prequel to Heigh Ho, about digging in a diamond mine.  Metaphorically speaking, I thought it was appropriate.

Titles were added using Pinnacle Studio on a Windows computer.  It's a simple project that my audiences have always enjoyed.

Lessons Learned:
Keeping it short and simple can lead to an entertaining video.

Try a royalty-free music selection.

Music Copyright Considerations:
This is a short excerpt from one of my older edited videos.  It contains some identifiable music that is regrettably used without permission.  But remember the time this video was created; in 1997 the audience for this production was usually sitting in my living room.  "Fair Use" allowed me to use the music without consideration of copyright.
Today, with digital distribution, artists' rights deserve more attention.  Since this video is intended for non-profit illustration and educational purposes only, I believe that valid arguments can be made for its "Fair Use" in this situation.  Please understand that I do not encourage improper use of copyrighted material.

Let's rescue your horrible vacation video.  Turn it into something your friends will enjoy watching!
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